What is the Living Dolll?

 The Living Dolll is a website designed to enlighten today’s modern woman. I want to highlight the things that make a woman wonderful; her strength, grace, style and beauty as well as inner glow.  The Living Dolll is designed to follow the daily happenings of today’s modern woman.  I want to share a piece of my world with you and allow you to delve into the realm of my innermost being. I want you to enjoy my friends, style, and music as well as other aspects of my life. Everything I do I try to do with a bit of style and grace. It is very important for me to be the best at whatever I do and look good while doing it. I would like our Dollls of tomorrow to know that as a female it is okay to be intelligent, to respect yourself as well as know what you want, demand it and expect nothing less.


What does it mean to be a Doll?

 Dolll (noun)  \ˈdäl, ˈdȯl\

A pretty but often empty-headed young woman. Right? Wrong! A doll is a beautifully intelligent young lady. She has different facets to her character but expresses each different element when the setting is appropriate. She is strong, fierce, loving, stylish and about her business. A dolll is someone who helps her brethren as well as her community. She knows that the dollls of tomorrow are important and that we must give back and enlighten our future dollls whenever feasible.  She is confident in her abilities and her aura is bright. Her style is impeccable and her love never wavers.


Where did you get the idea for The Living Dolll?

 I am a huge fan of the late Marilyn Monroe. Many of you are probably asking why Marilyn? How does she represent The Living Dolll brand. I believe that Ms. Monroe was a much deeper individual than what she appeared to be. She represents a true woman to me. She may be a bit over sexualized but her impact is vast nonetheless. We have to realize that as a woman your sexuality is something to be embraced and not shy away from. Just remember that whatever you do make sure it is done with class. Never be afraid to be sexy. She was extremely vulnerable but at the same time resilient. She commanded attention but was reserved. She was well poised and her style was impeccable. Her smile was beautiful and the camera only captured a fraction of her beauty. She was also very business minded which is how she created her empire. Ms. Monroe was definitely a true woman indeed.

One night, I was watching her movie “The Seven Year Itch” and this guy walked into her companion’s apartment, saw her and said “Wow, You look like a living doll!” Ever since I heard that name I was like that’s it! That’s the name.  The Living Dolll!


A Message from Shelli Dolll

“I hope you enjoy this piece of my heart. I have truly put a lot of tender, love and care into The Living Dolll. From my daily happenings, to my style posts, to my personal thoughts I hope you enjoy it all and understand that this is me. Simply Shelli! If you have any comments, would like my advice on style or anything in particular, shoot me an email. I’d be more than happy to converse with you.Our Dolll nation will be huge! Remember, to always follow your heart and never be afraid to fall. Sometimes our greatest accomplishments are birthed through our greatest failures. Remember to always be fierce and stylish. Style isn’t only about a great fashion sense but about confidence. Compliment that snazzy dress with a beautiful smile. Love you Dollls! God Bless!”