I’m pretty sure that the majority of us have told a lie one time or another. The lies probably ranged from  miniature lies about who put the last dish in the sink to big monstrous lies such as forgetting the significance of the ring on your left finger and playing the single card. We have all delved into those treacherous waters. Although, our intentions may all not be the same the damage regardless of the lie is still the same. Within a lie, trust is lost, side eyes are thrown and hearts can be broken. The trouble with a lie is that you can’t only lie once. You have to pile a lie on top of a lie on top of yet ANOTHER lie. From experience, some people have serious issues and are genuine pathological liars. They lie about ERRTHANG! They could lie about the color of their eyes, all the way down to their family tree.  The crazy thing is that some of these people are so good at lying that you start to see their lies as truths. Then on the other hand we have the accidental liars, the ones that in a time of panic or unsure circumstances submit to a moment of nothing short of a mouth vomit. Before they could even blink or access the situation, the lie has already left their lips and then the regret sets in. I’m sure we all can familiarize ourselves with either categories. I wish I could tell you not to succumb to this feeling but we are all human. We make mistakes. We want to be liked, fit in or not looked upon as inadequate or different. So sometimes we may lie to lift up our own self esteems or to make ourselves feel better. The truth of the situation is that if someone cannot accept you for who you truly are, an unpredictable, imperfect, human being who makes mistakes. Then maybe you shouldn’t be trying to impress that person. We make mistakes and sometimes as my pastor says shift happens. Definitely try and  right your wrong because we all want a clear conscience and deception is never a good thing. Especially when it involves someone that you really care about. Be transparent and vulnerable, That’s the beauty in being human. Our imperfections make us perfect. If someone told a white lie in a desperate moment, forgive them. Sometimes good people make bad decisions, that doesn’t make them a bad person. Now if someone is a pathological liar and you can’t separate their lies from the truth, you may need to politely excuse yourself from that circus and pray for them. They may need time to find themselves or they could be cray cray.  I’m just saying.


In the essence of the art of a lie, there is no skill to it, just refuse to paint that picture.