Hello Dolls!

The Nitty Gritty

What is a Detox?

A simple cleansing of the body of toxins & impurities that we subject ourselves to on a daily basis through our environment; what we eat, drink, breathe etc.

Why would you want to Detox?

Why not!? It’s a good way to try and reset your body, so it can function at a higher capacity. Ease fatigue, headaches, body aches, and many other ailments you may not pay attention too but need to be fixed.

Is there any right way to do this?

There are PLENTY of ways to do this, however my choice would be ALL NATURAL BABY! Whatever you do, try to make all that you ingest the closest to ‘natural’ as possible. This can be a problem from some, but it doesn’t hurt to try my loves!


Instructions: Drink one gallon of juice a day, w/ distilled water only, oh and NO FOOD!

Where to get it: 

If you’re in Atlanta, Whole Foods is where I got mine. You can order it on-line if you’d like also. (www.ardensgarden.com)

 The Good

It made my morning get ready routine that much easier, even though I looked crazy lugging around a gallon of juice into work.

The Bad

You notice everything about food that you may overlook, as for me, I don’t overlook anything about food, so it was just a bit ‘less than’ for the first half of the Day 1.

The Ugly

Nothing really . YAY!


So I was under the impression that this is a good jump start in case you wanted to get back on the healthy train and overall it’s a good idea to detox before you embark upon that journey if you so please, so I had to give it a try. However, it is 15$ a gallon … twice, so if you would like to keep the bulk of your money and make it, I would definitely encourage that. (Recipe Below)

Day 1: I had put it off for a week and I just needed to START! So I did. I will say my experience with detoxing is relatively extensive… (I’ll try nearly anything once when it comes to healthy results, clean eating, mental clarity etc). So given that, it wasn’t HORRIBLE, yes I missed food…more than you would even begin to imagine BUT like it said, it’s easy to keep up with, after all it’s only 2 days.

Day 2: By the second day it’s easy, and I felt I could go a few more days.

At the end of it all I didn’t feel crazy different, positively or negatively, BUT that could be because of so many different reasons, I eat relatively healthy daily, I exercise a few times a week,  and overall my health isn’t struggle status.

I’m not crazy about this detox especially for the money spent BUT this has made many individuals feel great, and sleep better even though that wasn’t my case…but …

Try Making It! 

Ingredients: (2 Gallons of Juice)

48 oz of fresh grapefruit juice

32 oz of fresh orange juice

16 oz of fresh lemon juice

160 oz of distilled water

A container for mixing


If you have a big enough container mix all the ingredients together, if not half the ingredients and do it one gallon at a time.

Try to drink approximately 8oz of juice each hour, however, you can just aim to finish the gallon by the end of the day at your own pace. 🙂

Later Dollls!