I am a true fan of authentic R&B music. In 2013, some of the music we hear isn’t necessarily considered R&B music but garbage music. Real R&B music encompasses romantic allure, longing, wanting, loving and evokes all emotions that are pleasant and good. Tank, Ginuwine and Tyrese decided to do a remix to the old school group LSG and come up with their new and improved version of an R&B group, entitled TGT. I am not mad at them, AT ALL! Tank is one of my favorite underrated artists and as we all know Tyrese and Ginuwine are true OG’s. I am very happy to see this trio get together and produce such beautiful music. This song isn’t raunchy but more matter of fact with it’s delivery. The bass in this music is amazing, straight 90’s R & B. Thank you TGT!



Listen to their single “Sex Never Felt Better“: