Hello loves,

My name is Shelli Dolll and I was born in Manhattan but raised in Queens, NY. A good friend of mine described me as a Pitbull in a skirt. Don’t let the cute face and heels fool you, If you bark I may bite back. I do not accept the answer no because a no can always be changed into a yes. If I really want it, I’ll get it. There is no one or anything that can stand in my way. Why? Because life has many detours and one of those detours has to lead me to my destination. Life is all about perception and if your outlook is always positive, only positive things can happen. It is all defined in the Laws of Attraction. I think therefore I am. Think About it? At the age of 23, I’ve realized that no one can make you feel a way that you don’t allow them to make you feel. Sometimes in life, especially as a woman it is hard to be yourself because you always worry about what others think of you. The thing you have to realize is that their opinion is null and void because their opinion really doesn’t matter. Especially, if the only energy they are imposing upon you is negative. Put your hater blockers on and reflect that negative energy! You are the captain of your own ship. Put God first, love hard, listen more, give back, educate yourself, enlighten others and pass the light on!


Shelli Dolll