I am addicted to Mac Cosmetics especially because of their cosmetics recycling program. What is their recycling program? Well if you bring 6 used Mac Products into any Mac Store you  get any lipstick for FREE !(Well as long as it isn’t a part of a collection) Anywho, while I was in Maryland I had to make a quick run to the Mac Store. When I was in the store I saw an ad for Macs Strength Collection. I was immediately drawn to the picture of the woman with muscular arms. I thought she was gorgeous. When I went home I couldn’t stop thinking who is this girl? Of course my curiosity drew me to Google and guess what? I found her! The mystery woman is Jelena Abbou. She is a fitness model and competitor, who is originally from Serbia. She is 36 years old and could probably bench press a few men at once. I love to see a strong woman such as Mrs. Abbou. That is exactly why she is my Dolll Candy pick of the month.

Boys Eat Your Heart Out!