Ladies and possibly a few gents, meet Z Hundred. Z Hundred is a R&B singer based in Atlanta, GA. I’ve had the pleasure of engaging in conversation with this young man a few times. We attended the same college. Although, I would see him on campus every now and again I never knew that he could actually sing. I attended an event he hosted a few years ago and to my surprise his voice blew me away. I can honestly say he has a God given voice.  His voice is very sultry and smooth.  It is very reminiscent of  Tyrese mixed with a couple cool drops of Usher. Not only does this young man posses a beautiful voice, he also is very easy on the eyes. I am very picky with my music selections but I think you all will be able to appreciate the music of Z Hundred. Enjoy!

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“One Thing”


“Feelin Myself”


“Act Like That”


“Stay” (Rihanna Cover)