Lianne La Havas is a 23 year old soul sensation. I was first introduced to her music when I was shooting my Living Dolll video. Her song  “Lost & Found” was the song the videographer chose to play in the background. When I initially heard the song, I was like are you really going to play this depressing music as the background music? Then I really listened to the song and this young ladies voice was so captivating. The melodic tune she song was so beautiful and pure. I had to listen to her entire album. I love music such as the music Lianne sings. I find her music to be a pleasant surprise. Not only is she gorgeous but her songs are so mesmerizing and heartfelt. Did I also mention that she is half Jamaican. Owww! Owww! Her debut album “Is Your Love Big Enough” won the 2012 ITunes Album Of The Year Award.

Check out Lianne La Havas in action below:


“Lost & Found”