Good Afternoon Dollls!

The event that occurred October 17th, 2010 in Pleasantville, NY is an occurrence that deeply saddens me. Almost 3 years ago, a young man who was a promising student as well as football player at a local university in that area was gun downed by police officers. There are many different stories about the events that occurred on that fatal night. I am not sure which stories are true or which version of the stories are mere fallacies. Which is why I have chosen not to post any Youtube videos of news reports on this particular incident. The main thing that troubles me is that on this night a young black man was murdered in front of a plethora of witnesses. The stories I’ve heard from various students has always troubled me over the years.  I never personally knew DJ Henry but I feel as though I do. Only because I was once a student at that particular institution of higher education. I left because the racism I witnessed in that community was more than I have ever witnessed in my entire life. The number of  minority students that attended this school were slim to none. We all knew each other because we had no choice. There were only but so many of us. I don’t want to speak anything negative about the school because it isn’t the school that is at fault, it’s the community. The closed mindedness of some of the people as well as some of the students that live within that particular city or attended this particular institution is alarming. I remember going to the Chinese food store after class one day and hearing people talk about me. As I was waiting, to order my food. I heard people whispering “Do you think she lives here?” “No she can’t live here. She must go to the university down the street” “Well ask her, Ask her” The couple proceeded to ask me if I lived in the area and I said no I go to the university up the street. The guy said “See I told you she didn’t live around here. She doesn’t look like she would” This was my first encounter with racism within that community. The first time I heard someone of another race call me a nigger was in Pleasantville. I remember being so angry I had to be dragged out of the house. I simply didn’t understand because I have never experienced this type of behavior before. This type of behavior wasn’t just happening towards blacks either. My Hispanic friend was wiping something off the floor and a few students that were passing by made a comment like “What is she doing?” The other girl responded by saying “Oh nothing. She’s just doing what she’s supposed to be doing.” After my first year in Pleasantville, I honestly didn’t feel comfortable being in that school. The school I was attending was definitely a great school but some of the things that occurred while I was student just didn’t sit well with me.

I remember eating lunch in the fall of 2010 and seeing the news report of DJ Henry’s death on the news. I was watching the news like damn another young black men dying at the hands of the police. Then I saw where this incident occurred and he was a student at the same institution I used to attend. I immediately called a few of my friends from school like what happened. They said they were there and the police basically let him die. It truly saddened me because I always had a feeling that something like this could happen in Pleasantville. Especially to a minority student. They also said he was a really good kid and they can’t believe that happened. I’ve revisited this incident a few times over the years just to see if there were any updates in this case. The officers were acquitted of any wrongful doing but the thing that hurts my heart is that the Henry family is still without DJ. Regardless of this whole racism issue, and regardless of everything else that is surrounding this situation the reality is that DJ will never walk into his parents house ever again and give them a hug. I can’t relate to this type of loss because I have yet to become a parent. It is just terrible that the same thing they experienced so much joy over, their son going to college is the same thing that brought them so much grief. It is not okay that the cops were not charged with a crime and it is not okay that this family still has to live with this emptiness and this void. We send our children to school to receive a higher education and a better life, not to be murdered. Someone has to take accountability for this tragic death. DJ could have been your son, brother, uncle or even your friend. It could have happened to anyone of our loved ones. This situation truly hurts my heart. I just want you all to google this incident and even check out the videos on youtube. Help this family in their journey to keep DJ’s memory alive and fight for justice. What we do will never bring DJ back but it just might help another family. Incidents such as this happen too much in this country and it needs to stop. A life is way more valuable than anything one could ever accumulate or purchase in this life.

Once again I would like to reiterate that I don’t want to make this a blacks vs. whites issue. The main concern I have is, in a moment when seconds are so valuable why did it take so long for him to receive medical attention?

Please pray for the Henry family and keep DJ’s memory alive.


Please view some of the videos about Danroy “DJ” Henry Jr. below:

DJ’s father speaks about preserving the name of DJ and doing something kind for another person on 10/17.


A video to DJ from his best friend: