So the other day I was randomly thinking about Louis Vuitton and I automatically thought about Fabolous.  I’ve always liked Fabolous. Sadly, Fabolous’s career has been at a sort of stalemate. In my opinion, Fabolous dropped one of the best mixtapes I’ve heard in years when he released T.I.N.C 2. While I was thinking about Louis Vuitton, Faboulous and  J. Cole’s song “Louis Vuitton” popped into my head. This is one of my favorite songs off his Soul Tape 2 Mixtape. Fabolous always had a sort of comical aspect to his musical delivery which is another reason why I like him. Take a few punchlines from Faboulous and mix it up with a bit of J.Cole and I think you have a hit on your hands.





What do you think?

Check Out The Song Below:

“Louis Vuitton”