Hello Dollls!

Lets start off by breaking down the term relationship:

  • relation –  an aspect or quality (as resemblance) that connects two or more things or parts as being or belonging or working together or as being of the same kind <the relation of time and space>; specifically: a property (as one expressed by is equal to, is less than, or is the brother of) that holds between an ordered pair of objects
  • -ship – state: condition: quality

Merriam Webster defines relation as an aspect that connects two or more things as working together or being of the same kind. The word ship as in friendSHIP, RelationSHIP and kinSHIP is defined as a state, condition or quality. So according to Merriam Webster, a relationship is a state of two things or beings working together. As a young child and also as a teenager I would ponder the social structure of relationships. Such as what does it mean to be involved in a relationship; romantic or platonic.  Which is a major reason I strayed away from engaging in a romantic relationship with anyone because I didn’t have an understanding of the word relationship. One can say but you were a teenager, how could you not understand the concept of the word relationship? I would see best friends backstabbing each other, homeboys stealing their brothers girlfriends, kids cussing their parents (The same parents that provide shelter, guidance and nourishment) , Adults with wedding bands desecrating their vows. I didn’t understand. As humans, I feel as though we are all naturally made to be compassionate to one another but I saw such ugliness. So what exactly does the word relationship consist of? Is it respect, understanding, loyalty and admiration? or is it comprised of hurt feelings, disappointment, dishonesty and empty words wrapped up in a pretty bow. I am speaking to both men and women when I write this. Both sexes are equally guilty in the offense against the discomposure of the word relationship. Now a days, I turn on the radio or TV and I hear questions such as is there truly such a thing as monogamy anymore? You mean to tell me that in 2013 with all of these diseases running rampant within our community the question of whether or not monogamy is still relevant really crosses your mind. I am not saying this to offend my free spirited brothers and sisters but just have an open mind and think about this for a second. The fulfillment you gain being in a committed relationship with one beautiful soul will never amount to a thousand crazy nights with your  local Kim K. In order for you to comprehend what I am saying, you can’t just read this but feel this. I’ve battled with infidelity from romantic interests as well as friends. How can your friend be accused of an infidelity against you? Merriam Webster defines infidelity as an unfaithfulness to a moral obligation. Whether the obligation is to be loyal to me  or love me and only me… we all know that someone has wronged us in this area of our life. I just want to stress the importance of taking the time out to consider the breakdown of the word relationship. Give it some true thought. Such as is this person adding or depleting to my life? Am I good for this person? How are we both adding to this relationship? Are there any gray areas in this relationship? If so, why haven’t they been addressed? Do I trust this person? If not, why? & Solve it! I just hope we all will experience a true relationship with another human being in this lifetime. When the two of you are of the same yolk nothing can break that bond. Whether the relationship is platonic or romantic I encourage you to seek a true relationship with that person and try to be genuine in return. It truly is a great feeling when you feel safe with someone. I’ve been blessed to experience this feeling in a the majority of my relationships. Some of my ties to certain people are questionable but  I hope you get my drift.  I haven’t yet grasped the concept of being in a romantic relationship but I am sure that I am well on my way.

Face life with an open heart. Don’t be afraid to love or be loved. If the other person can’t appreciate that, that is their loss not yours. Keep on lovin’!