Good Afternoon Dollls!

There is something that I would like to share with you all. Sometimes in life things can seem incredibly hard and difficult. Sometimes you want to just scream and say why me? Why God? Why me? Sometimes it gets so hard to see that light at the end of the tunnel. When you see that light start flickering I want you to change your mind set and say the candle is still lit. Keep walking toward that light and striving and fighting to complete your journey. Every test you are facing or have faced is only a part of your testimony. But you will never have a testimony if you don’t complete your test. I have faced a plethora of adverse circumstances in my life. I couldn’t understand why God would choose me to go through the situations I went through. Then I realized, he will never cast more on you than he thinks you can bear. He thought I was strong enough to complete this task. That’s why he chose me. Not because of my weakness but because of my strength. I want you all to know that this journey called life is a survival of the fittest challenge. I NEVER EVER want you guys to give up. Never give up and never stop looking at the light. Dollls are strong and confident. They are fighters and they persevere through any challenge life has to throw at them.

You are almost at the end, don’t give up!