Kat Dahlia a  21 year old Cuban American singer from Miami, Florida is what I would like to call a breath of fresh air. When I first saw her promo on youtube I was like who is this girl? She has a song entitled “Gangsta” , It’s probably more pop garbage.I’m happy I decided to give her a listen. I was pleasantly surprised by her flow. She reminds me of a R&B/Hip Hop version of Amy Winehouse mixed with a little bit of Nelly Furtado. The realness in her voice and the aggression in her music was what initially attracted me to this songbird. I love music that has heart and she clearly poured out her heart on this track. Not only do you hear her struggle you also feel it. Peep her “Gangsta” video below.





“Lose You” feat Candy Warhol


“Save It”


“Devils Command”