Ciara emerged as one of the biggest R&B artists in the early 2000’s. Once her single “Goodies” dropped in 2004 every young girl was either thinking what exactly does she mean by her goodies or telling her male counterpart you can’t get my goodies. She came out with other hit singles such as “1,2 Step” Feat. Missy Elliott, “Oh” feat Ludacris, “Never Ever” Feat. Young Jeezy and “Like A Boy”. I was never a big fan of Ciara but I did enjoy her music. From her electrifying dance moves to her slim figure, there really wasn’t anything negative to say about Ciara. Her fashion choices were a bit questionable at times but other than that Ciara seemed as if she could do no wrong. She disappeared from the music scene for a while and even got into a twitter spat with Rihanna. I didn’t know how much I missed Ciara’s presence in the game until she came out with “Sorry” a few weeks ago. I miss innocent songs like this. Girls will definitely be able to relate to this song. Who hasn’t experienced a break up where all they wished the guy would do is say I’m sorry.




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