I love Pineapples but they are even yummier as a purse! I purchased this beauty at H & M. This bag is so adorable. I knew it was a definite must have for my trip to the Bahamas. Sometimes style is all about accesorizing. I have on a cute bikini but where will I put my lipgloss, hair scrunchies and cell phone. Hmmmm….. I know! In my H & M Pineapple purse. Women and Men have raved about this purse. Everywhere I go, I hear awww that is so cuuuuute! Yes, it was intended to be a beach purse but one morning I was in a rush and couldn’t find a small purse so I threw all of my neccesities into my pineapple purse. There is a good amount of space in this purse and the material is very light. You can wear it as a shoulder bag or as an across the chest bag. How do I wear it? However, I feel. It depends on my outfit. Doesn’t this purse look good enough to eat?


What do you think Dollls?

Happy tummy or indigestion?