I think I have become obsessed with cheetah print this summer. I saw this skirt and instantly felt compelled to the print. I love Maxi skirts, especially ones that float away  from the body and gives you room to breathe. My mother always says that you need to wear skirts in the summer time so that your treasure chest can breathe! I know some people are not comfortable with showing off their legs, so this is a great alternative for you Shy Dollls! You can wear a nice breezy skirt without the extra leg action while making a statement. I am almost sure that this skirt paired with the right ensemble will captivate an audience. There is just something about a nice maxi dress/skirt that intrigues me. Maybe it’s that element of mystery? My legs are out but you can’t see them. Gives the mind something to wonder about; Sexy but still comfortable! Mink Pink is a brand that originated in Australia. I was on  Aprilia Love‘s website when I first heard of Mink Pink. I almost jumped for  joy when I saw this skirt on sale. Thanks Aprilia!

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